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TGI customer wins SuperNova Emerging Technology award

"We are very happy with the analysis and results we have received from TGI's Role-based approach. We will continue to use the RBA as a means for scanning potential hires, and for evaluating current employees for job openings within our company."

- Joseph R. Ford, COO

American Asphalt Company


Role-Based Assessment

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Building on a 35 year foundation of research by Dr. Janice Presser and Dr. Jack Gerber, TGI created and validated technology that measures how people interact in teams.

The resulting TGI Role-Based Assessment™ (RBA) was made generally available as an online assessment in the second half of 2009. It incorporates a range of predictable individual and group performance variables that have not been directly measured by other forms of assessment:

In the complex and shifting environment of global, high-tech, knowledge-driven markets, the industrial-age view that people are merely a pool of ‘resources’ must eventually give way to a new view of people as interoperating links in the infrastructure of business activity. The use of RBA in connection with TGI's Coherent Human Infrastructure™ management concepts can greatly enhance synergistic performance and productivity of individuals, teams, and entire organizations.