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Dr. Presser's new book '@DrJanice' now available!

TGI customer wins SuperNova Emerging Technology award

"We already had a pretty good team, but using the Role-Based technology made it much better...and it keeps on getting better. Now Montana HR is being called a great place to work, and people from other organizations want to come here!"

- Joe Schopfer,
Talent Manager

State of Montana


The Gabriel Institute

Who We Are

The Gabriel Institute is the originator of the Technology of TeamingTM, TGI Teamability®, and the CHI IndicatorsTM. We are dedicated to helping organizations, large and small, improve quality and productivity, while securing a higher return on their investment in people. Each time we succeed in delivering financial and organizational performance benefits to our clients, we fulfill our mission of ‘making the workplace a better place to work.’


Dr. Janice Presser Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute, is a behavioral scientist and the architect of Teamability® – a completely new technology that measures how people will perform in teams. She has been engaged in the research and development of talent science for over 25 years and is a recognized thought leader in qualitative assessment and human infrastructure management methods.

Dr. Presser has served on SHRM's Human Capital Assessment/Metrics Special Expertise Panel, the Taskforce on Workforce Planning, and also the Taskforce on Metrics and Measurements. She is Contributing Editor for Selection in ELLA®, Employment Labor Law Audit.

Dr. Presser has authored six books, including the new @DrJanice: Thoughts and Tweets on Leadership, Teamwork & Teamability®. Her forthcoming book, A Person is a ‘Who’, Not a ‘What’: Teamability and the Future of Work, will explore the theoretical and physical foundations of teaming, and the profound impact of teaming metrics on the structure, development, and leadership of teams. She tweets as @DrJanice, networks on LinkedIn, and blogs at She leads TGI's technology strategy and deployment, as well as her more traditional CEO and spokesperson duties.


Mark TalabaMark Talaba is Executive Vice President and a Principal of The Gabriel Institute. He served as the CEO of Softwrite Computer Systems, a software development group that delivered real-time internet e-commerce transaction systems as early as 1988, and also as CEO of RealTime Technologies, Inc., creators of barcode and radio-frequency data capture solutions. More recently, Mark developed and executed the marketing plan and product launch of GEMWorX, a software suite that add full-featured business process analysis, web-publishing, and eLearning functionality to Microsoft Visio®.  Mark joined TGI as an advisory board member, and then became a principal in October of 2009. He is responsible for marketing and sales strategy, and guides the firm's internal business and financial operations.


Dr. Jack Gerber is Senior Vice President, Research & Development and a Principal of The Gabriel Institute. His unique expertise is in the development and use of parametric, nonparametric and blended statistical techniques. Dr. Gerber’s extensive research and development background were essential to the work of the team that developed the Executive Behavior Assessment, Role-Based Assessment, and other individual, pair, and team assessment technologies. An internationally recognized authority on Rorschach and projective assessment, he was the first person to develop a computer program to score Rorschach responses from the natural language responses. He leads all of TGI's research and development activities.


Paul SevcikPaul Sevcik is TGI’s Client Services Manager. He first arrived as a student intern. Upon completion of his Masters degree, he took a job in the travel industry, but TGI could not forget him. He returned as a full-time employee in August 2009. Among Paul's many duties, he handles customer support, the TGI Internship Program, and the HRCI accreditation process for TGI’s training programs for HR professionals. Paul received a BS in Aviation Administration from Lewis University in 2001. Shortly after graduating, he spent two years with AmeriCorps, working as an elementary school teacher. Upon completion of his service term, Paul enrolled in Temple University and received an MBA in International Business and an MS in Human Resources. Born in Poland, Paul has traveled in 14 countries. Highlights of his world tour include France, Israel, China, Japan, and Australia. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Jenny PeriquitoJenny Periquito is Client Services Coordinator at The Gabriel Institute. She began her career there as an intern in October 2009 and became a full-time employee in March 2010. Besides handling customer and partner support – which includes training, documentation, and troubleshooting issues – Jenny’s fluency in Portuguese gives TGI an in-house resource for translation and interpretation, supporting TGI's clients and partners in Brazil. Jenny received a BA in European and Mediterranean Studies from New York University in 2009. She enjoys reading National Geographic Magazine and learning about various cultures. To further her cultural studies, Jenny is an avid traveler who has spent a semester abroad in Paris, France and has visited many countries, including Portugal, Spain, Germany, and China.


Stephen M. Goodman, of Morgan Lewis, is our advisor in both legal and strategic development.


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